November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month!

Senior Pugs Need Homes for the Holidays!

Pugs are considered seniors when they turn 8 years old. But these "seniors" are energetic, loving, and have lots of life to live! Sometimes seniors have mobility, vision or hearing issues, but they still have a great quality of life and make wonderful companions.

Eight is the average age of pugs we get in. Sadly, this means that most of our dogs are seniors, having been removed from the homes they have been the majority of their lives. They need loving, caring forever homes, and in return will give you unconditional love, snuggles, smiles and snorts!

Please visit our Adopt a Pug page for more information and the adoption application for adding one of our wonderful senior pugs to your family.

We have additional senior pugs available that are not listed because they are undergoing evaluation. You can still fill out an application to adopt a senior!

Adoption Pending!

  • Bunny and Hector
  • Sex: Female and Male
  • Age: 10
  • Color: Fawn and Chihuaha

Bunny the pug and Hector the chihuaha are both 10 years old and very bonded. The two were found together and it is obvious they count on each other and must be adopted together.

Bunny loves her toys, racing around the house, cuddling with Hector in their bed, and getting loves from people.

Hector is a little more adventuresome, and outside and will sniff and explore. Hector loves to burrow under their blanket in their bed, and Bunny likes to lay on top of the blanket he is under.

This bonded pair will be a loving addition to your family!

Adoption Pending!

  • Oliver
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 8
  • Color: Fawn

Oliver is an 8 year old bundle of love. He is such a charming boy, and everyone who meets him falls in love. He loves to "talk" to whomever will listen. He is very attached to his ball and loves to play fetch. His back legs do not always work well, but he gets around and is pretty fast. He is house trained, but does not always know he has to poo, so there are some surprises there. He has no problem with urinary incontinence.

Oliver gets along with and loves everyone - children and adults. He is good with other dogs and basically ignores cats. He is cuddly, loving, a good conversationalist, and will be a great addition to the lucky family who adopts him.

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