Please consider adopting a senior pug.

They will fill your life with love.


Take a Pair Home for the Holidays!

  This month we're featuring all of our pairs available for adoption. Pairs are double the fun!

If you are interested in adopting a pug, start by filling out an adoption application. We'll let you know what pugs are available once you have been approved, and find the best fit for you. We reserve the right to refuse an application.

Adoption fees range from $50 to $525, depending on age and health of the pug.

Our pugs are not located in one place; they are all over the area in Foster Homes.  They are not available for meeting until you have completed the application process.

   Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Most of your questions will be answered there.

** Read about adoption from the Pug's point of view! Click here for our exclusive "Interview With the Pug."

Bruce and Ed

Bruce and Ed are 9 and 10 year old fawn bonded males. Bruce is blind in one eye from a larger dog attacking him when younger. His favorite activity is to lounge around the house. Ed is more active and likes to run around the yard. He follows his foster around the house. Both are healthy and like to go for walks. They are good with children of all ages and other dogs.

Cinnamon and Oscar

Cinnamon is 9 years old and Oscar is 11, both are fawn. They are both very sweet, and thriving with care and attention in their foster home. Oscar has very limited eyesight, both are otherwise healthy. They will do best in a home without stairs, or just one or two. They are housetrained, get along well with others and looking forward to having a new, permanent home.

Rascal and Gulliver

Rascal and Gulliver have been in foster for over a year! They are well loved there, but really want a forever home. They are very bonded pair of fawn males, Rascal is 7 years old and Gulliver is 9 years old. They are inseparable, like to snuggle, and be with their family. They get along well with other dogs, cats unknown. Gulliver is blind and hearing impaired, so they will do best in a home without stairs, and someone to take Gulliver out to go potty and stay with him outside, then bring him back inside. They are really a wonderful pair of boys, ready for a permanent, loving home.


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