Please consider adopting a senior pug.
They will fill your life with love.



We are no longer featuring available pugs on the website.

Pugs come into rescue and are often quickly placed, making it difficult to maintain an accurate showing of who is available.

We have many pugs in our care and will provide the information to those who have been approved. On average we get in 8 pugs a month, and also place that many.

If you are interested in adopting a pug, start by filling out an adoption application. We'll let you know what pugs are available once you have been approved, and find the best fit for you.

Adoption fees range from $75 to $475, depending on age and health of the pug.


Our pugs are not located in one place; they are all over the area in Foster Homes.  They are not available for meeting until you have completed the application process.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Most of your questions will be answered there.

** Read about adoption from the Pug's point of view! Click here for our exclusive "Interview With the Pug."


Adoption Success Story: Emma and Willow

It's been a few weeks now and we still can't believe that Willow & Emma had not been adopted sooner. They are incredibly sweet, goofy, inseparable and have even gotten our other pug (Guinness) to come around. Which is impressive considering he's not particularly dog friendly and was very content being an only dog.

These two might be a little older, but are still full of energy, love to play and get excited for their daily walks.

From the moment she showed up Emma walked in like she owned the place. That hasn't changed, but she still lets Guinness think he runs the house.

When Emma wants attention (which is often) she wants it now and will let you know when your job is done. If you try to stop, pet one of the other pups, or even scratch your nose she will quickly reach out with her paw and grab your hand pulling it back to her.

Willow was a little more hesitant when her foster family left that first night, but it really didn't take her long to settle in. She's just a love bug who loves her belly rubs and being next to her sister.

Our experience working with the foster family was wonderful. They knew the dogs very well and informed us of all their personality traits, both good and the potentially challenging aspects.

We look forward to many more years with Emma (aka Emma Lou), Willow (aka Willow Wonka), and Guinness (Aka Guinny-Pig) taking up the bed and shedding all over everything.


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